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F o r  T h e  S t a g e

Downstairs, Front

Drama - 4 characters

"It's 1965, the stone age before Stonewall, & Russ & Steve are in love.  But different dreams demand different sacrifices and sometimes love itself may have to be sacrificed."

Finalist: 2023 International Carlo Annoni Contest

Finalist: 2019 HRC  Showcase Theatre Contest

Chosen for 2019 "Fresh Fruit Festival" NYC


Melissa Roth and Brian McCurdy table

F o r  T h e  S c r e e n 


"Minimum. That’s the name of my home town now. But it wasn’t long ago that it still  had its original name, "Minyan," the name the Jewish settlers gave it back in 1873.

(Concert reading performed at  Weist-Baron Studios

Will Sturek preps for MINIMUM


Dramedy - 5 characters

"17 years ago Ezra had an affair and his life went to hell. Now he's not having an affair but the same damned thing is happening."

(Concert reading performed at Town Players of New Canaan- 2015)


Lindsay Calleran preps for reading of HARVEST

Coney Island Summer


Frank,Director, and Lindsay, leading lady.

Facing Berel

Drama - 7 characters

"In 1935 in Brooklyn, amid tales of poverty, dybbuks, and bubbe meises, a memory is revealed that changes a boy forever, but might have been better left buried"

(Concert reading performed at Temple Sinai, Stamford)


Rehearsal for FACING BEREL.
Frank Petrilli, director


"17 year old Robin must work in Coney Island to save enough money to go to Paris with her sexy older "boyfriend," but things don't work out as planned and the real adventure ends up being in good old Coney Island."

Searching For Seinfeld

Comedy - 2 characters

"But, Bubbie, his name is Seinfeld, your name is Katz. How can you be related?"    Is she. or isn't she?

(Concert reading performed at New York Public Library


Drama- 4 characters

To Solve The Human Equation, Let X = Compassion

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