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Brooklyn Valentine

Brooklyn Valentine

Brooklyn Valentine

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(& found)  in the  WORLD'S  MOST  FAMOUS  BOROUGH.

Sal is a 43 year-old divorced cabbie living with his young son and old father in Park Slope, Brooklyn, suffering a crisis of confidence. He longs for more children and a true love. Brooklyn is the only home he's ever known and he's as loyal to his home town as he was to his ex-wife. "If you think home is just the intersection of latitude and longitude then I feel bad for you," says Sal.

Terry is a 35 year-old rich woman from Wisconsin who's never had a home and never wants one. "People get married for one reason," she tells Sal, "to run for shelter," and she does not intend to follow that crowd.

In one whirlwind weekend Sal and Terry tour Brooklyn, spend time with Sal's friends and family, fall in love, have a 'near-sex' experience, then panic and part ways. How will they overcome their cultural differences and personal disappointments and find the 'really' love?

R e a d i n g s   &   E v e n t s

B&N : Park Slope, Brooklyn

B&N : Hartsdale, Westchester County, NY